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A Commercial Vehicle that is Right for your Business

At some point, your business may need a commercial vehicle. For business startups, the right vehicle isn?t just a means of getting around. But it should be a tool used to improve operations. Are you going to use it for deliveries? As a mobile office? Or as part of advertising? Find out where your commercial vehicle fits in your business. Here are some things to consider.


My Car is a Delivery Truck

There are plenty of affordable delivery trucks available today. However, most people don?t want to drive them socially. If your delivery truck isn?t also your personal vehicle, Ford Transit Connect, Nissan NV2500 HD, and NV350 HD may be some good options for you.

But if you want a multi-use vehicle, you might want to opt for minivans like Dodge Caravan or Toyota Sienna. These vehicles offer ample space to carry pallets of food or vases of flowers.

My Vehicle is a Mobile Office

While hands-free Bluetooth phone systems keep you talking with the clients, it?s important that you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. What once was a rare feature, Bluetooth is now available on many makes and models. Others even have a built-in microphone in the driver?s seat for talking. You just have to choose vehicles with this feature to make the most of your mobile office.

My Car is My Taxi Cab

If your business involves going to unfamiliar places, a navigation system or GPS is essential. While there are some after-market options that cost less, built-ins offer several advantages:

  • GPS screens are generally larger and easier to see while driving.
  • High-end navigation systems have larger memories and nicer displays. They can also link together multiple routes.
  • Voice-activated features are integrated with the stereo or Bluetooth system.
  • The only downside to built-in systems is that you need to go to the dealer to update the software.

Over the past years, commercial vehicles have become cheaper to maintain because they are better built. Some new models have parts that don?t need regular replacement or tune-up. Sophisticated systems can even monitor vehicle performance so that even a small problem (like an oil leak) can be addressed before it becomes a bigger and costly issue.


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